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Aquatine Calcite Point

Aquatine Calcite Point

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Beautiful Aquatine Calcite Point 

Beautiful Colour and patterns in these points from Argentina.  

weighs  70g   And stands at 7.3cm

number 15

Aquatine Lemurian Calcite from Argentina, it is sometimes has a few other names: Blue Argentinian Calcite, Argentinian Blue Onyx, and Argentinian Aquamarine Onyx. Lemurian Aquatine Calcite came about several years ago in 2009 and was trademarked by Robert Simmons of Heaven and Earth LLC. So this beautiful mineral is neither Calcite, nor Onyx, but a chalcedony based Agate, which is a form of Quartz only from Argentina. 

It is said that Aquatine Calcite is typically pale to deep blue/green in colour and resonates with the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra. It is said to soothe and replenishes the bodies energetic centre. Also said to deeply soften and nourish the emotional body. It is also said to enhance intuition, telepathy helps with the telepathic communication from your heart. Allows one to attune to Lemuria.

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