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Ocean Jasper Flame

Ocean Jasper Flame

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Beautiful Ocean Jasper Flame 

Stunning patterns and orbs in this beautiful green Ocean Jasper Flame. 

weighs 655g  and is 10.8cm x 8.1cm 

 Ocean Jasper, a variant of chalcedony, is revered as an excellent healing stone, renowned for instilling feelings of joy and uplifted spirits. Emerging from the depths of primordial volcanoes, it showcases a stunning array of colors shaped by a cocktail of minerals. This captivating gem serves as a beacon of positivity, urging us to live with an open mind and a compassionate heart. By harmonizing the energies of the sacral and heart chakras, Ocean Jasper facilitates a profound connection to our emotional and spiritual selves, encouraging us to navigate life's currents with grace and empathy. Discovered in this millennium, Ocean Jasper holds profound significance, symbolizing unconditional love and igniting the flame within the heart chakra. Originating from the singular location of Madagascar, its visually striking patterns imbue it with an otherworldly allure, akin to a lighthouse guiding one's spiritual journey towards higher consciousness.

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