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Fuchsite Freeform

Fuchsite Freeform

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Stunning Fuchsite Freeform

This stunning piece has sooo much shimmer through it. I can see why they also go by the name Fairy Stone by the Fairy Dust they leave on your hands. The layers and colour are just beautiful. Stands by itself  

weighs 1.49kgs and stands at 15.4cm tall. 

Fuchsite serves as a conduit, connecting the intellect of the mind to the wisdom of the heart. It guides in understanding interactions, aiding in navigating issues of servitude with a focus on actions essential for others' soul growth. This crystal is a teacher of genuine self-worth, directing us toward holistic actions and offering insights on health and well-being. Known as a stone of renewal, Fuchsite imparts resilience post-trauma, intensifying energy transfer from other minerals and promoting flexibility in the body

Fuchsite is a form of chrome mica and has been found many places in the world. It has been traditionally used by shamans and healers to find the root causes of disease and to connect with the earth elementals, fairies and devas.

Fuchsite Geological Description 
Fuchsite is a form of mica/Muscovite which crystallises in the form of plate like layers, scales, masses and tabular crystals. It has a hardness of 2 to 2.5. The green colour in Fuchsite comes from the presence of chromium. It is mostly found in Brazil, India, Russia. This is from Brazil 

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