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Girasol Golden Healer Quartz Point

Girasol Golden Healer Quartz Point

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Beautiful Girasol Golden Healer Quartz Point 

Stunning dreamy colour and this has beautiful Golden Healer through it. It has beautiful rainbows. Has a few natural nicks

sourced from Madagascar 

weighs 204g and stands at 8.3cm 

It is also called, girasol is also known as the moon quartz, blue opal quartz, moon opal, pearl quartz, and foggy quartz. Girasol Quartz is milky white to translucent in appearance with a soft, inner glowing quality that seems to radiate from within the stone. The term "girasol" is derived from the Italian word for "sunflower," alluding to the stone's captivating play of light.

The most distinctive feature of Girasol Quartz is its chatoyancy, also known as the "girasol effect" or "moonstone effect." It displays a soft, glowing sheen that appears to move and shift as the stone is rotated or viewed from different angles. The chatoyant effect of Girasol Quartz is caused by the diffraction of light within the stone due to its internal structure and prescience of Aluminium. This phenomenon gives the stone a captivating, ethereal appearance

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