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Malachite Free Form

Malachite Free Form

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Stunning Large Malachite Free Form 

This exquisite piece of carved Malachite originates from the Congo and showcases stunning colors and intricate flower patterns. Meticulously carved, it accentuates the mesmerizing patterns inherent in the Malachite stone. This piece would undoubtedly make a remarkable addition to any collection, serving as a captivating specimen that beautifully highlights the natural beauty and craftsmanship of Malachite.

Weighs 2.77kgs  is 18.5cm x 10.5cm

It is said that Malachite is a stone of balance, abundance, manifestation and intention. ... An extremely powerful metaphysical stone, Malachite is often called the “stone of transformation” and is used for deep energy cleaning, bringing healing and positive transformation to the wearer and user. 

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