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Satin Spar Ceremonial Athame

Satin Spar Ceremonial Athame

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Beautiful Satin Spar Ceremonial Dagger/Knife Athame

Beautifully cut and shaped with gorgeous shimmer 

weighs 177g about 23cm long 

Satin Spar is called the lucky stone, bringing good fortune to the bearer. Satin Spar supports when life seems to be too hectic, yet boosts personal growth during times of stagnation. Satin Spar has been used in rain making ceremonies. Also said to be used as a cleansing stone removing negative energy and also cleansing and charging other crystals  

 These Satin Spar knives/Athames are said to be ceremonial blades, traditional magical tools in Wiccan and Pagan rituals and also said to be used for spell-work  for rituals (not meant for cutting physical objects as they are blunt) and are perfect for using to cut any negative energy and negative thoughts also clearing the auric field and cutting “cords”.  They can also be used for building energy or setting power circles.

Disclaimer: not meant for actual cutting of anything physical.  

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