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Septarian/Dragon Stone Egg

Septarian/Dragon Stone Egg

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Amazing Large Septarian/Dragon Stone Egg

Such a cool piece. Amazing colour and formations. Glows under Ultra Violet Light  

weighs 886g 10.4cm x 8.1cm  

It is said that Septarian (also called Dragon Stone) is a wonderful stone to wear or carry with you if you speak in public, as it gives you confidence and allows you to gain an audience's attention. A grounding stone, Septarian allows for better tolerance and patience, as well as emotional flexibility.

Septarian dragon eggs are Septarian nodules that have been carved and polished into a egg shape. The natural, cracked pattern of the septarian gives the surface of these polished stones a "dragon skin" look, hence the popular name. Septarian geodes are a specific geological formation, that occur when minerals (primarily calcite and aragonite) fill in cracks in a concretion. This creates a very unique patterning and often leaves hollow spaces inside, forming the geode. 

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