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Tremolite, Green Freeform

Tremolite, Green Freeform

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Beautiful Tremolite Freeform 

This polished piece has a beautiful soothing green colour. Lovely high grade piece polished and cut to stand by itself. Ethically sourced from Pakistan 

Weighs 115g  and stands at 8.6cm  

Tremolite forms by metamorphism of sediments rich in dolomite and quartz. Tremolite forms a series with actinolite and ferro-actinolite. It has a hardness on Mohs scale of 5 to 6. 

Tremolite is a unique mineral that’s also a variety of Nephrite, one of the two materials that make up Jade (the other being Jadeite). It also crystallizes into Diopside at high temperatures, leading miners and geologists to believe that if they struck Tremolite, then Diopside crystals may be soon to follow.

Tremolite is often creamy white or light green, but it can be gray, brown, or purple. Its varieties also introduce pink, gray, and yellow. Darker brown or gray hues are often caused by graphite inclusions. Tremolite’s green hues mostly come from varying levels of iron impurities, with more iron meaning greener coloring. However, chrome tremolite is colored by chromium, vanadium, or both. Purple hues in hexagonite come from manganese impurities. Light gray or white tremolites are low in iron.

Saturated colors, especially rare purple or emerald-green hues, are most valuable.

It is said that Green Tremolite, like other green gemstone, brings luck, vitality, and balance. These green crystals are heart chakra stones, opening the chakra for self-love and openness.


NOTE; is tremolite safe? It depends. Asbestos dust is toxic when inhaled in large quantities. Because fibers or powder won’t come off polished pieces, these are safe. Raw rough stones are fine if not crumbling in fine powder.  Regardless, always wash your hands after handling tremolite.

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