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Almandine Garnet

Almandine Garnet

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Gorgeous Almandine Garnet 

A large Almandine Garnet, with its beautiful color and sparkling appearance, is a striking and unique specimen. Its rarity makes it particularly special and sought after by collectors. Its natural beauty speaks for itself, without needing extravagant descriptions.

Weighs 714g  and is 7cm 

Garnet, with its revitalizing and purifying properties, is believed to balance and harmonize energy, fostering a sense of serenity or passion as needed. This versatile gemstone is said to inspire love and devotion, enhancing emotional connections and intimacy. Garnet is also thought to balance the sex drive and alleviate emotional disharmony, promoting a healthier and more fulfilling emotional life. Furthermore, it is believed to activate and strengthen the survival instinct, instilling courage and hope in times of adversity. Overall, garnet is revered for its ability to bring equilibrium to both the physical and emotional aspects of life, encouraging a sense of vitality and empowerment.

Almandine, also known as almandite, garnets often exhibit the rich, deep hues reminiscent of a fine red wine. This variety represents the most common type of garnet, often embodying the classic "garnet color" we commonly envision. Typically, almandine garnets display shades of dark red, ranging from violetish reds to brownish reds. The majority of almandine garnets are sourced from mines in India and Brazil, where these exquisite specimens are carefully extracted and appreciated for their natural beauty and color intensity

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