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Handcrafted with love and intention, my unique Mālā beads are made from... 


Mālā Unveiled: A Spiritual Journey

The term "Mālā" traces its origins to the Sanskrit: माला; mālā, which translates to 'garland.' This intricate string of beads serves as a conduit for prayer and meditation, steeped in rich history. For centuries, Mālās have found their place in the hearts of Buddhists and individuals with spiritual aspirations.

Crafted with intention, Mālās typically consist of 18, 27, 54, or 108 beads, each number bearing significance. It's believed that Yogis and Buddhists were the pioneers in utilizing Mālās to elevate their spiritual practices. Often referred to as Yoga beads, a Mālā serves as a silent companion during "Japa," a spiritual discipline involving the rhythmic repetition of a mantra or a Divine name.

Wearable reminders of mindfulness, Mālās can gracefully adorn the neck, wrist, or even find a home in your pocket. They serve as tangible symbols of presence in the midst of daily life. Crafted from diverse beads and gemstones, Mālās hold within them a myriad of meanings and properties. Much like the name itself, Mālās carry deeper significance beyond their physical form.

I find the choice of a special Mālā often stems from an intuitive connection. It's as if the heart is drawn to it.

May your journey with your Mālā be as fulfilling as my joy in creating them.

Big smiles, Shenoa


Crafted with Care and Meaning: Unique Handmade Mālās

Each Mālā is meticulously created using exquisite semi-precious crystals, fragrant sandalwood, Lotus Seed Beads and also other unique beads including beautifully crafted Tibetan beads. Infused with love, every Mālā stands as a one-of-a-kind embodiment of spiritual intention.

I extend an invitation to collaborate with you, tailoring a Mālā that resonates with your individuality. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at namaste-shenoa@hotmail.com.

Big smiles, Shenoa

Clearance Section

Clearance Section