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Crescent Moon Mango Wood Bowl, Light Brown Marble

Crescent Moon Mango Wood Bowl, Light Brown Marble

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Gorgeous Crescent Moon Mango Wood Bowl, Light Brown Marble 

These are all handmade in Thailand  from sustainable Mango Wood. They are dipped to give them this amazing Light brown marble pattern. Awesome for crystals, trinkets or your special goodies  

each one measures 15cm 

Each of these gorgeous wooden moon bowls is handcrafted in Thailand. There may be natural blemishes or variations in the patterns but these add character making it a one of a kind piece for you. Due to these beautiful bowls being handmade and natural wood these items may vary in colour and  pattern from the pictures  

These Mango wood bowls are made of the same mango trees that produce the popular tropical mango fruit. When a mango tree stops producing fruit they are cut down environmentally and replaced with young trees in a process that sustains the mango orchards. The mango wood bowls are very sustainable, the fact that they grow fast and are great for the environment as the mango tree is an amazing carbon dioxide absorber too.  

I would not recommend getting these bowls wet and keep out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods to protect against fading. Please Clean with damp cloth and dry.

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