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Terahertz Small Meditating Astronaut on the Moon

Terahertz Small Meditating Astronaut on the Moon

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Super Cute Terahertz Small Meditating Astronaut on the Moon

these are just too cute and so well carved 

These stand at about 6.3cm tall

you will receive on Terahertz Astronaut 

The "Terahertz Gemstone" is an artificial mineral made of silicon, invented originally by Japanese scientists a decade ago to protect the body from harmful radiation and electromagnetic smog. The stone emits terahertz waves -about 1 trillion hertz of oscillation per second. This vibration is called a "terahertz wave" and has a frequency similar to far-infrared radiation. The frequency oscillates between 1 trillion Hz and 100 trillion Hz, and its wavelength is said to pass through various substances. It has intermediate characteristics with light, having both radio wave transparency and light straightness. This effect is currently drawing significant attention in the medical field, and research is now underway worldwide.

I is said that the power of this stone seems to reach every corner of the human cell, bringing about "activation" to the human body. The frequency is very effective for working on weak human cells, enzymes and DNA, restoring the body to its normal state.

THz emits far-infrared and negative ion energy, improving your inner body energy flow, this makes an excellent tool for meditation and breathing practice. It can activate your higher eight and ninth spiritual chakras connected between your personality and your higher self. These chakras allow you to access an expanded universe, increase your spiritual awareness and compassion, and free yourself from the weight of karmic residue.


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