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Carnelian Agate Geode Carved Hedgehog

Carnelian Agate Geode Carved Hedgehog

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Cute Craved Carnelian Agate Geode Hedgehog

Beautiful colour and carving  and stunning sparkling geode pocket Beautiful agate patterns on both sides. Stands by himself but would secure with a bit of blue tank to be safe from accidental knocks  

weighs 355g and is 13.5cm across 9.1cm tall

A Carnelian Agate mix presents a captivating fusion of warm, earthy tones and intricate patterns. Carnelian, with its vibrant reds and oranges, infuses energy, vitality, and motivation, while agate contributes its own array of colors and distinctive banding. The result is a visually dynamic combination, offering grounding energy from the agate and invigorating warmth from the Carnelian. The interplay between these two stones creates a delightful synergy, making this mix not only aesthetically pleasing but also potentially meaningful in promoting balance, courage, and a connection to the earth's natural energies. Whether crafted into jewelry, home decor, or as part of a collection, the Carnelian Agate mix can serve as a beautiful representation of the diverse and harmonious qualities found in the natural world.

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