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Prehnite with Epidote Sphere

Prehnite with Epidote Sphere

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Amazing Prehnite with Epidote Sphere 

These Spheres are really amazing. Natural  Phrenite with beautiful soft green needles of Epidote running through it. Very hard to get this  quality. Beautiful exposed natural part. Hard to capture the gorgeous colour of this sphere 

Weighs 416g and is 6.5cm 

 It is said that the properties of Prehnite are increased by the presence of Epidote

It is said that Prehnite fosters a strong sense of trust in Universal Principles. It is said that Prehnite stops hoarding of both possessions and love by fostering a belief in the abundance and power of the Universe to manifest whatever is needed. Prehnite clears toxins from the body and balances the meridians, and helps you say no to unreasonable requests. Lucid dreaming is induced by Prehnite, while dreams are made easier to remember and nightmares are reduced. 

It is said that Prehnite is said to "heal the Healer," (again, Epidote enhances this), and this stone can be used to revitalize your personal healing environment.

It is said that Epidote is a stone that increases whatever it touches. Prehnite boosts prophetic abilities, enhances visualization, spiritual "knowing," and aids in connecting with higher realms including your higher self as well as spiritual and extraterrestrial beings. The addition of Epidote to the Prehnite further increases perception and interaction with spiritual beings.

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