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Blue Caribbean Calcite Elephant

Blue Caribbean Calcite Elephant

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Beautiful Blue Caribbean Calcite  Elephant  

Sourced from Pakistan. Stunning blue gorgeous carving 

weighs 68g and is  5.9cm 

Caribbean calcite, also known as Caribbean blue calcite, is a beautiful stone formed from a combination of blue aragonite and calcite. It has a captivating appearance with a mix of vibrant blue hues and sandy beige tones, resembling the crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches of the Caribbean Sea .

It is believed to hold a wealth of beneficial properties. This stone, often carved into heart shapes, is said to promote emotional release and open communication, fostering stronger relationships. Some believe it can even aid in spiritual awakening and personal transformation. Caribbean calcite's calming energy is thought to bring feelings of peace and well-being, while also encouraging the development of inner wisdom. Whether for its beauty or its potential metaphysical properties, a Caribbean calcite heart can be a lovely addition to your life.


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