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Boxwood Carving of Guan Yin

Boxwood Carving of Guan Yin

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Beautiful Boxwood Carving of Guan Yin

Beautifully carved statue made from boxwood

from Tibet 

She stands at 18cm tall 

Is is said that In Sanskrit she's known as Padma pani - "Born of the Lotus", the lotus symbolising purity, peace and harmony.

Commonly known in the West as the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin is also revered by both the Taoists and Buddhists.

Guan Yin, often depicted in a flowing white robe symbolizing purity, adorns necklaces reminiscent of Indian and Chinese royalty. In her right hand, she cradles a sacred water jar, signifying divine nectar, compassion, and wisdom. With her left hand, she holds a willow branch, representing adaptability and resilience, not yielding under pressure.

Her crown bears the image of Amitabha Buddha, her spiritual mentor before becoming a Bodhisattva. A dove, symbolizing fertility, soars toward her. When she wears a necklace or rosary, it invokes Buddha's aid, with each bead representing all sentient beings. As she turns these beads, it signifies Guan Yin leading them from suffering to enlightenment.

In some depictions, you may find a book or scroll, symbolizing the Dharma or sutra, the texts she continuously recited, teaching the path to enlightenment.

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