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Cherry Blossom/Flower Agate Carnelian Mix Fairy

Cherry Blossom/Flower Agate Carnelian Mix Fairy

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Beautiful Cherry Blossom Agate Carnelian Mix Fairy

These are just too cute. The colours and patterns are amazing. She sits by herself   

weighs 253g and stands at 8.3cm tall 

 The combination of Carnelian and cherry blossoms creates a harmonious blend of vibrant energy and delicate beauty. Carnelian, with its warm and invigorating hues, brings vitality, motivation, and a zest for life. This energetic gemstone complements the ephemeral elegance of cherry blossoms, symbolizing renewal, impermanence, and the fleeting beauty of life. Together, they weave a narrative of dynamic strength and transient grace. Imagine a piece where the fiery tones of Carnelian intermingle with the soft, ethereal blossoms, embodying a fusion of grounded energy and delicate resilience. This Carnelian and cherry blossom mix could serve as a unique representation of the balance between life's vitality and the fleeting moments of beauty that unfold with each passing season.

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