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Buddha, Large Carved Wood

Buddha, Large Carved Wood

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Beautiful Large Carved Wood Buddha 

Beautiful carving on this Peaceful Buddha. Also has a hole in his hands that could be used for incense sticks. Please do not leave unattended when burning incense as it is wood 

weighs 1.89kg and stands at 16cm x 10.2cm 

The Buddha head resembles a young and charming Buddha that radiates calmness, and composure in a meditative stillness. He is always smiling depicting eternal happiness for the Buddha has surpassed the sufferings of the world and understands the connectivity of all beings. By simply wearing the Buddha head or having it in the living space it will invoke a peaceful and harmonious energy into the atmosphere to help with calmness. 

For thousands of years before the Nazis, the swastika was a Hindu and Buddhist symbol for good. For Hindus, the swastika is a symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity and good fortune. In Buddhism, the symbol represents dharma, universal harmony, balance of opposites, and footprints and heart of Buddha

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