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Rounded Pink Aventurine Palm Stone

Rounded Pink Aventurine Palm Stone

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Beautiful Large Rounded Pink Aventurine Palm Stone

These beautiful large rounded palm stones have a gorgeous soft apricot pink colour. 

They weigh between 77g and 92g and are about 5cm long 

one Palm stone will be chosen intuitively for you 

it is said that Pink aventurine is a happy loving stone that helps you feel and be the light in times of darkness – it’s perfect for these challenging times we are all going through now. Pink is the rarest variety of aventurine, and it promotes overall well-being, removes feelings of restriction, and helps you be more understanding and calm. This Heart Chakra crystal honors Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, and invites more of her energy into your life

Pink Aventurine occurs as a pink/peachy-coloured stone. It is said that the colour of the Oranges/Pinks and browns is attributed to hematite or goethite and is the rarest form of the popular Aventurine stones which are also come in a few other colours, like green, blue, orange, brown, yellow and grey 



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