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Moss Agate Tower

Moss Agate Tower

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Beautiful Moss Agate Tower                                                                                            

The details and patterns in this stone are incredible. It has such a depth to it like looking into another world. 

weighs 483g And is 13.6cm x 5.2cm 

It’s said that Moss Agate, with its enchanting green hues and intricate moss-like inclusions, is a stone celebrated for its grounding and stabilizing properties. This crystal is believed to connect the holder to the Earth's energy, fostering a sense of stability and balance. Known as the "gardener's stone," Moss Agate is thought to enhance the growth and vitality of plants, making it a cherished companion for those with a green thumb. Emotionally, it is associated with stability and persistence, providing support during challenging times. Moss Agate is believed to refresh the soul and encourage a positive outlook, making it a valuable tool for those seeking harmony, abundance, and connection to the natural world

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