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Rainbow Fluorite Ganesha

Rainbow Fluorite Ganesha

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Beautiful Rainbow Fluorite Ganesha

Beautifully carved Rainbow Fluorite Ganesha, amazing yellows and purples  

weighs 183g and stands at 7.7cm  

His name means both “Lord of the People” (gana means the common people) and “Lord of the Ganas” (Ganesha is the chief of the ganas, the goblin hosts of Shiva). ... Ganesha is potbellied and generally depicted as holding in his hand a few round Indian sweets, of which he is inordinately fond.

it is said that the symbolism behind Ganesha is There’s a reason why Ganesha is worshiped before undertaking new endeavors. The god of joy, happiness, and success, Ganesha has been blessing his devotees with prosperity and fortune since time immemorial. He’s thought to be the remover of obstacles, as he himself overcame lots of troubles.

It is said that Rainbow Fluorite exhibits a combination of colors inherent in Fluorite crystals, such as purple, blue, green, clear and yellow and, as such, it blends all of the properties of each color. Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy.

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