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Celestite Geode Freeform

Celestite Geode Freeform

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Beautiful Celestite Geode Freeform 

Beautiful colour and amazing formations in this piece. Amazing quality and gorgeous rare longer clear blue points.  Really hard to capture how gorgeous this piece is in real life  

weighs 1.39kgs  15cm x 10.4cm

A Celestite geode is a mesmerizing natural wonder that holds the ethereal beauty of the celestial skies. This geode typically features a crystalline interior filled with delicate, sky-blue Celestite crystals, which resemble a cluster of stars. It's not just a geological marvel; it's also believed to possess metaphysical properties, often associated with promoting tranquility, communication with higher realms, and inner peace. Celestite geodes are a visual and spiritual delight, making them a cherished addition to crystal collections and a source of serenity and cosmic connection.

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