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Agni Manitite, “Pearl of Divine Fire”

Agni Manitite, “Pearl of Divine Fire”

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Cool Agin Manitite, “Pearl of Divine Fire”

You will receive one intuitively picked Agni Manitite 

they weigh between 40g and 49g each and about 4cm to 5cm 

First picture is a repsentitive of the size you will recieve  

These are amazing Agnj Manitites, also known as “Pearl of Fire”The name derives from the ancient Sanscrit term agni mani, which means "Pearl of the Divine Fire".

These are found only on the Islands of Sumatra and Java, Indonesia. Their appearance is similar to Tektites so are known as “Pseudo Tektites”. They are also only found under water. How cool is that.

They are said to be a rare Obsidian that was formed by a powerful volcanic eruption which threw molten magma into the sky and then solidified into volcanic glass as it fell. Some also say they were formed when a meteor meteorite crash landed over the Indonesian archipelago. This resulted in the heating of the surface that was enough to liquidize it. Either way they are an affordable alternative to Moldavite. When held to the light from behind they have a beautiful grey brown translucent colour. some are translucent around the edges while others are completely translucent 

It is said that Agni Manitites increase your confidence and allowing you to believe in your own capabilities. Boosting your personal power, strength and joy.


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