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Leopard Stone Stegosaurus Carving

Leopard Stone Stegosaurus Carving

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Cool Leopard Stone Stegosaurus Carving

This cool Dinosaur is ethically sourced from South Africa. They are sourced from the local community to keep old traditions alive. So cool. He is hand-carved form very dark leopard Stone  

This cool guy weighs 632g and is 24cm long by 9cm tall. 

Stegosaurs, (genus Stegosaurus), one of the various plated dinosaurs of the Late Jurassic Period (159 million to 144 million years ago) recognizable by its spiked tail and series of large triangular bony plates along the back. Stegosaurus usually grew to a length of about 6.5 metres (21 feet), but some reached 9 metres (30 feet). The skull and brain were very small for such a large animal. The forelimbs were much shorter than the hind limbs, which gave the back a characteristically arched appearance. The feet were short and broad. Ref Britannica

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