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Green Moonstone/Garnierite Heart

Green Moonstone/Garnierite Heart

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Amazing  Green Moonstone Garnierite Heart 

Beautiful moonstone heart 

Weighs 244g and is 8.1cm 

It is said that Green moonstone is a rare form of moonstone that ranges in color from mint green, grey-green to brown. Garnierite is a stone from the Feldspar family of minerals, it gets its green color from the presence of nickel ore. It has all the properties of moonstone with an emphasis on emotional healing, emotional balance and emotional freedom — allowing us to open up to the feminine within. Known as the stone of the Goddess Gaia, green moonstone is a very calming stone, helping to ease stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings. Resonating with the Heart Chakra, green moonstone is especially healing in helping one to connect with the medicine of the Earth and the Moon. Its soft mysterious nature invokes us to, like the water, go with the flow and allow the tides of our life to guide us. Moonstone has a history of associations with all Goddesses, but Green Moonstone is the perfect choice when you want to attune yourself to the energies of Mother Earth.

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