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Kiwi Calcite Obelisk

Kiwi Calcite Obelisk

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Stunning Pistachio Green Calcite Obelisk 

Amazing colour and patterns in this Kiwi Calcite Obelisk 

weighs 135g and stands at 10.9cm 

Kiwi Calcite is one of the newer finds in the calcite family from Pakistan. It has all the properties of green calcite and it is felt to be a very earthing stabilising crystal.

It is said that Kiwi and green Calcite brings renewed vigour with a sense of purpose and increased vitality. It’s a positive change stone that is related to heart based compassion and love. It’s also balancing and it relieves stress. All calcites clean out and purify energy. They also connect the intellect with the emotions and calm the mind.


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