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Palo Santo Stick, One Large

Palo Santo Stick, One Large

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Amazing Smelling Palo Santo Sticks 

These are natural natural Palo Santo wood  

Beautiful aroma once lit. Please be careful after lit and be sure to place on a fire safe dish when finished. 

one large pice for $5

 Really good large size stick 

Use as you like to cleanse your space or just for the amazing aroma.  

This product is Made without harming the Palo Santo wood tree. They only process wood that has been found to have died naturally in the forest. They are a product of Peru 

To use simply set alight for a minute or so to make sure it is well lit then blow out and you will have your beautiful smoke for use. NOTE: Please Leave, when finished, on a fireproof bowl or your smudge bowl for safety reasons. Please do not leave unattended after use as they can continue to burn. 

Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) is an amazing wood that has a beautiful smell of mixed scents of pine, mint and lemon. My favourite to burn. Its smoke is also used as a repellent to keep off mosquitoes, ants and other insects. But for most it also used cleans and help to remove the bad energy from your home, keep away evil spirits. Also great for  meditation and spiritual search. The scent of Palo Santo is extremely soothing and transmits a powerful energy.

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