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Petrified Wood, whole piece

Petrified Wood, whole piece

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Beautiful Petrified Wood, whole piece  

This is the coolest piece of petrified wood. A whole piece with one end polished and one end raw. This piece has a beautiful sparkle on the side. Truly one of a kind. Just an incredible piece. Quite hard too get pieces like this. Ethically sourced form South Africa

Weighs 302g and is 7.8cm long by 5cm across

Petrified wood, a testament to nature's transformative power, serves as a powerful tool for those feeling stagnant or stuck in a rut. Like a mighty tree transformed into enduring stone, it offers stability and grounding, a firm foundation from which to launch new beginnings. Its calming presence helps dissipate scattered energies, fostering clarity and focus as you chart a new course.

This remarkable transformation reflects the wood's journey. Buried beneath layers of sediment and denied oxygen, the organic material slowly gives way to mineral deposits, most commonly silica. Over millions of years, these minerals crystallize, petrifying the wood and preserving its form. The resulting colors, a captivating blend of greens, blues, pinks,and blacks, reflect the minerals that filled the wood's pores, each a unique signature of its story. In essence, petrified wood becomes a symbol of resilience and transformation, a reminder that even in the face of immense change, a powerful core can remain.

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