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Fuchsite Raw Freeform

Fuchsite Raw Freeform

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Stunning Fuchsite Raw Freeform

This stunning raw piece has sooo much shimmer through it. I can see why they also go by the name Fairy Stone by the Fairy Dust they leave on your hands. The layers and colour are just beautiful. 

weighs approximately 200g and 7.5cm  

Fuchsite is said to be believed to bridge the gap between intellectual thinking and heartfelt wisdom. This crystal facilitates a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics and encourages a balanced approach to serving others, ensuring actions align with their soul's growth. Fuchsite's teachings extend to fostering genuine self-worth, guiding individuals towards holistic decisions, and promoting receptivity to health and well-being guidance. Furthermore, Fuchsite is revered for its role in renewal and resilience, particularly in the aftermath of emotional tension or trauma. It's also thought to enhance energy transfer from other minerals and improve physical flexibility.

Fuchsite Geological Description 
Fuchsite is a form of mica/Muscovite which crystallises in the form of plate like layers, scales, masses and tabular crystals. It has a hardness of 2 to 2.5. The green colour in Fuchsite comes from the presence of chromium. It is mostly found in Brazil, India, Russia. This is from Brazil 

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