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Fuchsite Raw Freeform

Fuchsite Raw Freeform

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Stunning Fuchsite Raw Freeform

This stunning raw piece has sooo much shimmer through it. I can see why they also go by the name Fairy Stone by the Fairy Dust they leave on your hands. The layers and colour are just beautiful. 

weighs approximately 188g and 8.1cm  

Fuchsite is a beautiful and sparkling green mineral that belongs to the mica family. It is often recognized by its brilliant green color, which results from the presence of chromium. Fuchsite is commonly found in metamorphic rocks, often associated with other minerals such as quartz and garnet. Its shimmering appearance is due to the reflective nature of its tiny, platy crystals. Metaphysically, Fuchsite is believed to bring about emotional healing and is associated with the heart chakra. It is thought to promote compassion, understanding, and a sense of well-being. Some also believe that Fuchsite has properties that enhance intuition and facilitate connections with the spiritual realm. Whether appreciated for its aesthetic appeal or its potential metaphysical attributes, Fuchsite stands out as a captivating and versatile mineral.

 Fuchsite Geological Description 

Fuchsite is a form of mica/Muscovite which crystallises in the form of plate like layers, scales, masses and tabular crystals. It has a hardness of 2 to 2.5. The green colour in Fuchsite comes from the presence of chromium. It is mostly found in Brazil, India, Russia. This is from Brazil 

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