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Fuchsite with Kyanite

Fuchsite with Kyanite

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Stunning Raw Fuchsite with kyanite 

This stunning raw piece has sooo much shimmer through it. The rich blue Kyanite pieces through this are gorgeous.  The layers and colour are just beautiful. These are from a very rare mineral batch from a very inaccessible region of Africa. 

Weighs 168g  9.9cm x 6.5cm 

Behold the raw beauty of Fuchsite harmoniously intertwined with Kyanite—a captivating mineral duo that brings together the lush green tones of Fuchsite and the ethereal blue hues of Kyanite. This raw specimen showcases the natural and untouched essence of these minerals in their unaltered state. Fuchsite, known for its heart-centered energies, and Kyanite, celebrated for its high vibrational and aligning properties, create a visually dynamic and energetically potent combination. The earthy green of Fuchsite and the serene blue of Kyanite blend seamlessly, offering a balanced representation of nature's vibrant palette. Whether appreciated for its aesthetic appeal or utilized for its potential metaphysical attributes, this raw Fuchsite with Kyanite specimen stands as a testament to the diverse and captivating wonders found in the realm of crystals.

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