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Thousand Eye/Shell Jasper Sphere

Thousand Eye/Shell Jasper Sphere

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Thousand Eye/Shell Jasper Sphere 

beautiful patterns and good colour on this piece  

weighs 493g    7cm wide 

Thousand Eye Jasper, also known Shell Jasper, is a captivating stone  adorned with mesmerising "eyes" - actually fossilised shells, the earliest forms of life on Earth. These "eyes" are believed to enhance your intuition and open you to new perspectives.

It is said that Thousand Eye Jasper is known for its properties that promote:

Intuition & Inner Vision: Sharpen your intuition and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Spiritual Connection: Connect with your higher self and tap into ancient wisdom.

Creativity & Inspiration: Spark your imagination and ignite creative flow.

Did you know that this Shell Jasper is not technically a jasper - but rather a mixture of white fossil brachiopods (shells) and gray limestone. These ancient creations are a result of shells buried on the ocean floor and over time, the accumulating mud turns to stone and the remaining spaces are filled with white crystalline calcite. The beautiful black, white and gray pattern give an appearance of "eyes" - indicative of its strong protective powers  


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