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Turquoise Nugget and Sterling Silver Ring

Turquoise Nugget and Sterling Silver Ring

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Beautiful Turquoise Nugget and Sterling Silver Ring 

This gorgeous chunky Turquoise Nugget Ring is from Nepal and hand set in Sterling Silver. Beautiful designs in the silver. This ring is adjustable and will fit most. Handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal with Nepalese Turquoise Nugget and set in sterling Silver  

This one is 3.4cm across and weighs 15g 

will come in a hand stamped Cotton bag  

For the Indigenous peoples of America and many other cultures, Turquoise is a very important stone with its blue/green colour, is linked with both sky and water. The stone is used at significant life milestones, such as birth, puberty, marriage and death, since turquoise is associated with healing and protection. It is also said that the stone has long been prized as a powerful talisman with healing properties. It is said that Turquoise is also said to be the stone of communication. Turquoise also provides understanding and encourages attention to detail while attracting prosperity and success. It is believed that turquoise can help balance the blue throat chakra

Turquoise is a beautiful and sought after stone ranging in color from blue to green to yellow, is filled with wonderful patterns of brown and black matrix that are composed mainly of copper deposits. It is believed that prehistoric people used and prized it for its blue-green colors because carved pieces have been found in burial and archeological sites spanning the globe.

The beauty and history of this amazing stone  is hard to match, steeped in history and intrigue, it is truly a captivating stone. It has been used in religion, art, trade, treaty negotiations and of course as treasured jewelry to many kingdoms and peoples. Whether you study ancient Egyptians, Chinese Dynasties, Aztec Mythology or   Indigenous peoples of America, it is very clear that turquoise has always been and always will be considered a stone of life, beauty, good fortune and incredibly special.

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